This space represents an archive of some of the writings I was fortunate enough to have published in different places over the years. These include features and interviews on music, culture, bodyboarding, human interest stories or current affairs. You can check a few samples of them here. You’ll also find some videos I’ve field produced here. These days, most of my output goes to a blog – siso.pt -, which I’ve setup years ago. It’s written in Portuguese, but y’all welcome to scroll through.

I grew up and am currently living on the busy outskirts of Lisboa, Portugal. For a decade, I was based in London and I call both places home. My passion since a little dude are decent-sized draggable waves.

Feel free to reach out if you feel like it. The email is speakyourmind@thisisricardo.com.I do have socials, but I keep them low-key because I don’t enjoy them. Those places are weird and loud and I just don’t fit in.

Thanks for stopping by.